"Just give me music that speaks about life, truth and what happens in between."


Diamone Ukegbu is a singer-songwriter from Dallas Texas. She began writing music around the age of 7 and continued to master the art of communication through lyric and melody. Diamone’s experience ranges from classical to hip-hop in performing, arranging and writing, allowing her to connect with various environments and artists over the years. Ensembles, choirs, and duets have encouraged her collaboration skills and freed her to explore her personal voice as a contemporary artist.


Her Musical World

  • 16 years performing experience

  • Collaborations and connections with various Stellar Award, Dove Award and Grammy Award winning artists, writers and producers

  • Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance

  • 9 years of teaching experience

  • Founder, Writer and Coordinator of Render Network


Her Musical Niche

Although her musical background and exposure is diverse, Diamone's heart lies in the soulful sounds of indie-rock and neo-soul. Her sound is one to reflect, rejoice and remember. Diamone desires to give a soundtrack for life in between the moments of normal life. Music that's made for traffic, preparing dinner, tears in the closet or a joyous celebrations. Music that speaks to the heart of emotions, but with truth that stands taller than the moment. Whatever is real between each of life's moments- that's where her music wants to speak.


Her Real Life

Diamone currently lives in Miami, FL with her husband of eight years and her three children- Serenity (6), Joelle (4), Noah (3). Living life with her family keeps her wanting to make music that looks to true hope for all the spaces between the moments.